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Moving Hacks 1-5

Being unprepared on moving day will cost you time and money. Read these tips to make your move go seamlessly.

These tips are written by 2 Bros and a Truck Movers located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Write on the SIDE of your boxes


What if I told you that writing on the top of all your boxes could cost you $100 on an average sized move (3 bedrooms, 2 kids)?

If you write on the TOP of your boxes, the movers will have to shuffle through the obscured boxes on the unload and re-stack them.

labeled box
example of a properly labeled box

Properly label your boxes by writing on the side:

  1. name (for long distance moves)
  2. room
  3. contents

This way your movers can bring in all your boxes by the dolly load to the room they go to without shuffling the boxes. 


The distance from the truck to the entrance of your home/apartment (referred to as “the carry”) is a big factor in determining the cost of a move.


If you live in a city or highly congested area, saving a parking spot for your movers is highly recommended.

Tip: Some moving trucks load out the back and some load out the side (generally the right side, but sometimes both sides).  You will need to save more room for trucks that only load out the back for the ramp.

Our truck loads out of the back.

Get rid of stuff before you pack

You can either pack and then pay movers to move the junk you don’t want anymore and then throw it away, or throw it away before the move and be done with it.


Doing spring cleaning before your move will take a good chunk out of the final bill.

Forces of Nature

Some things are out of your control, but you can still prepare for them:

Steep Hills

Keep in mind that if a driveway is very steep, a large moving truck (such as a 26 footer) may not be able to go up it. You can sometimes see the pavement scuffs where other trucks have bottomed near the beginning of the incline.

Smaller trucks with shorter wheel bases (17 footers) can usually make it up pretty steep hills.

Carrying furniture and dollying boxes up/down steep hills will slow down even the most seasoned movers: a steep hill can turn a little move into a long move.

So if you have a very steep hill to get to your entrance, this is something to take into consideration when communicating the logistics with a moving company–like suggesting 2 smaller trucks instead of 1 big truck (or an extra mover).

Weather (rain)

As a mover, the worst possible condition to move in is heavy rain. Everything is slippery and the furniture cannot be staged directly outside the truck. 

Staying surefooted in wet conditions while lugging around furniture all day is exhausting. This will slow down any move.

If it is going to be pouring rain all day and you have a large move lined up, it may not be a bad idea to request an extra mover if possible.

If your garage is in a convenient location (near the truck), the movers may be able to stage and wrap much of the furniture there. This helps the loader have easy access to the furniture he wants to load.

Tip: buy a sheet of carpet mask at Home Depot or Lowe’s to save money.

Weather (snow)

Make sure your pathways are shoveled if it’s snowing and use salt if it’s icy.

For pieces of furniture that won’t fit out the front door: be aware that they may have to be carried out through other entrances that you normally don’t shovel (such as sliding doors leading to a deck or porch) .

The little stuff

It is always the little stuff that takes the longest. Two movers may be able to dolly and move a 700 pound fire safe, but they only have two hands.

Even if you have decided you aren’t going to pack a single box, you would save the movers many trips to the truck by getting some large boxes (or hefty trash bags) and stuffing them full of all the lightweight little stuff.

“little stuff” includes things like toys, decor, and the like.

That’s it! Keep checking back for new blog entries focused on helping you prepare for and save money on your next move.

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