About Us

This page is broken down into two sections: Personal (the two bros) and Professional (the business).

Personal: Meet the “Two Bros”

2 Bros and a Truck is a moving company operating out of Connecticut that started with two brothers and a truck. Founders Matthew and Brandon Walker are identical twins who enjoy sports, the outdoors, and have never shied away from hard labor.

After years of working desk jobs, only to find ourselves lifting weights or playing hockey within an hour of leaving the office, we asked ourselves: is it possible for us to make a career out doing something physically demanding?  Eventually we found ourselves working for moving contractors and long-haul drivers.  What we quickly picked up on in the moving business was: the harder we worked, the more money we made.  Literally.

We’ve always wanted to live the American Dream together as brothers: we loved the idea of being our own boss, taking our own risks and making our own business decisions. So, after we learned the ropes, we decided to start our own moving business. There are few things more thrilling than going to work every day knowing that success (or failure) is almost entirely in your own hands.  Through our core principles we have found success in life and in business and we plan on sticking to them through thick and thin.

Our Core Principles: “Integrity, Strength, Excellence”

Professional: The Business Side

We were taught by, literally, some of the best movers in the world. We don’t say this to brag; we say it because we’re very grateful to have had the highly skilled mentors who have helped us along the way.

Now let’s get down to business. We know moving can be very stressful. You likely have many fears about moving, so let’s address some of them:

  1. You want to hire good (and hopefully licensed and insured) movers but you don’t want to pay too much.
  2. You want to hire cheap movers, but you don’t want to get unskilled movers who won’t be able to take good care of your belongings (or your walls).
  3. You don’t want to get ripped off.
  4. You’re worried the movers won’t behave professionally around you and your family.

We could go on all day, but we’ll just stop here. We could promise you that we are professionals (we are), that our rates are among the lowest professional rates in the area (they are), and our crews consist of highly skilled professional movers (they are), but let’s face it: there is nothing we could possibly write here that will ease your fears if you have not used us before.

See What Our Customers Are Saying…

What we CAN do is we can refer you to our Customer Reviews where we are highly rated on popular review sites Google Reviews and Yelp.

Hopefully you’ll see what all the fuss is about and give us a shot… and if you book with us there’s a good chance you’ll get at least one of the two “bros” on the truck! When we say “family operated”, we truly mean it!

See for Yourself

Reviews are fine and all, but how do you know you’re getting skilled movers and not a bunch unskilled laborers? A wise mover once said, “If there is a single way to tell what good movers are, it is how they load the truck” (apart from following around a moving crew all day).

Take a look at our loads (how your furniture fits snugly, tier by tier inside the truck) from some of our recent jobs below:

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And go look at some of our competitors’ loads on their Google business pages:

  • Are the loads snug with valuables padded?
  • Do they put boxes or chairs in the attic? (it had better be chairs)
  • Did they actually post a picture of a box tier, the easiest possible thing you could load, to their business page? (red flag for inexperienced moving company)
  • Are they using stock pictures? (lazy and/or unskilled)
  • Does the load basically look like a hurricane went through a garage?

Stuff like this truly matters when choosing a moving company if you care about your furniture.

Hopefully you do some research and decide to book with us because with 2 Bros and a Truck, you’ll be in good hands!

Also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter where we’ll be providing you with moving tips and moving memes (only funny to movers).