About Us

2 Bros and a Truck is a moving company operating out of Connecticut that started with two brothers and a truck. Founders Matthew and Brandon Walker are identical twins who enjoy sports, the outdoors, and have never shied away from hard labor.

After years of working desk jobs, only to find ourselves power lifting or playing hockey within an hour of leaving the office, we figured: why not get paid to lift heavy things? And so it began…

What we quickly picked up on in the moving business was: the harder we worked, the more money we made. Literally. We also liked the idea of being our own bosses, taking our own risks and making our own business decisions. So we decided to start our own moving business.

We’ve both worked at great companies, but we have also worked at not-so-great companies that cut corners and didn’t treat their employees fairly (the latter companies rarely faring well in the long run). Having experienced what it’s like being on the low-end of the totem pole, we both vowed to be superstar bosses for ANYONE who loves doing physical labor, and to adhere to our core principles through thick and thin. (So if you are reliable, strong, teachable, and want to earn good money, we encourage you to contact us.)

Our Core Principles: “Integrity, Strength, Excellence”

Contact us if you need anything moved because we are good at what we do and we love what we do. Our job is to make your move stress free!